Own the next generation of high security coinage
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Own the next generation of high security coinage

The Royal Canadian Mint is a market leader in numismatic security. That’s why when new products are released by their Research and Development lab you pay attention.

Today you can secure the Royal Canadian Mint’s latest R&D Security Token Set. It showcases some never-before seen-minting techniques that are guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned of collectors.

This set includes six specimen tokens with high-tech design aspects which will help shape the coins of tomorrow…

Special preview of MC4

3 tokens in the set are designed for maximum impact as ‘Multi-Component Composite Circulation Coins’ – or MC4 for short.

This means that they’re composed of FOUR different components: an outer ring, a polymer separator and an inner core plated with two different alloys. This has never been seen before and is the height of innovation.

The use of a black, white, and a clear polymer ring opens up the possibility of integrating more colour and more materials than ever before, meaning the future of numismatic design is very exciting.

Special security features and no two tokens are the same!

Each token in the set features an array of security features, both visible and hidden. This includes: microtext, latent images, multi-security maple leaves and both raised and incused embossing.

But what makes these test tokens even more remarkable is that fact that the pieces included in the set are the real trial pieces which have been used in calibration and laboratory testing, so each one has been tried and tested making the collection truly unique – no two will be the same!

Only 10,000 issued – numismatic history in the making

There’s no doubt that this set is a piece of numismatic history in the making. And by securing yours now you can guarantee you’re at the forefront of coin innovation.

But you’ll have to be quick. That’s because the last Test Token Set issued by the R&D Lab in 2018 – with the SAME 10,000 mintagecompletely SOLD OUT! Surely this NEW, even more innovative, 2021 set will not last long.

Order Ref 185/962N/0


  • Country of Issue: Canada
  • Year of Issue: 2021
  • Token Weight: 7.9g, 9.4g
  • Token Diameter: 25.8mm
  • Metal: Nickel-plated steel, Bronze-plated steel, Copper-plated steel
  • Finish: Circulation

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.