An unusual six coin US Collection
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An unusual six coin US Collection


An unusual six coin US Collection

Today you can own a collection of SIX US coins with a unique story…

On very rare occasions the US Mint will withdraw the design of a denomination and issue its replacement design in the same year. 

It means that there is a small number of US coins with different designs but the same mint date which have circulated alongside each other.

Almost impossible to find

Even if you lived in America and searched hard enough we doubt you would ever see one of these first or last dates in your change - despite being legal tender. They are snapped up by collectors on first sight. And some of the older coins are widely sought after regardless of the date.

US coins are some of the most difficult to source in the UK, especially when you consider the distance between the two counties. It means that US collections can be some of the hardest to build from the UK.

Given that these coins have some fascinating stories and are highly collectable issues, the demand for American coinage is remarkably high among UK based collectors.

Limited number available – ACT NOW

We have a limited number of these collections remaining, and due to the difficulty in sourcing these coins, it’s unlikely we will ever be able to offer these collections again. You are urged to order now to secure yours before there is a sell-out.

You can secure yours now with a deposit of JUST £25.00 (+p&p), followed by a further four interest free instalments of the same amount. Don’t forget as well you will be fully covered by you Westminster Collection Guarantee.

Click add to basket below to make one yours now. 

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Price £125.00 (+ £3.99 p&p)


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Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.