When you own a DateStamp™, you own a genuine piece of British numismatic history - an official British Isles coin or NumisProof limited by a single moment in time.

There are four elements that set your DateStamp™ coin apart.

1. Official Coin or NumisProof

An official NumisProof or British Isles coin, fully authenticated and guaranteed by DateStamp™.

2. Moment in Time

DateStamp™ captures a moment in time with its official Royal Mail stamp and one-day-only postmark. 

3. Registered to You

Each DateStamp™ has its own unique serial number that guarantees its authenticity and limited edition. 

4. Protected Forever

Because each DateStamp™ is issued in tamper-proof protective capsules, favoured by serious numismatic collectors the world-over, you can be sure that your DateStamp™ coin or NumisProof will remain in perfect condition for generations to come.




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