Own one of the very last ten shilling notes ever to be issued...
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Do you remember the ‘ten bob’ note?

Ten bob was a goodly sum in the olden days. In the 1960's it could buy 6 pints of beer, 10 loaves of bread, or 17 pints of milk.

It’s hard to believe it’s now been over 50 years since the ten bob note was last in circulation, and harder still to imagine it ever buying so much today. 

It has such a  fascinating history, from being issued by the Government in a wartime emergency, changing colour to avoid forgery from the Nazis, and eventually being replaced by the world’s most popular coin.

On 20th November 1970 the ten shilling - or 'ten bob' - note was officially withdrawn from circulation and replaced with the world’s first seven-sided coin, the 50p.

Today you have the opportunity to own one of those very last ten shilling notes ever to be issued.

Demand at an all time high

This year has seen the 50th Anniversary of Decimalisation, and demand for historic pre-decimal issues is now at an all time high. It means that that these 10 Shilling notes have become increasingly hard to source on the secondary markets, and it's taken us months to build up enough stock to offer to collectors.

Limited stock - act now before we sell out again!

With limited stock of 10 shilling notes available in their mint condition, we expect a quick sell-out. Ten Shilling Notes are already disappearing off the secondary markets and it's proving harder than ever to get hold of them. We expect our stock to sell through quickly so you'll need to act today to secure yours. 

Each note will arrive in a Presentation Folder with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

Simply click add to basket to secure yours today before our stock sells out again>>> 

Order Ref 185/326E/0


  • Ten Shilling Banknote
  • Height: 67mm
  • Width: 141mm
  • Quality: Uncirculated
  • Signature: Various

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.