Historic Coin Covers Lucky Dip Selection

Historic Coin Covers Lucky Dip Selection

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Historic Coin Covers Lucky Dip Selection

*** Limited stock ***

Try your hand at our lucky dip and add a set of five mystery historic coin covers to your collection.

Upon release many of these covers have been quickly snapped up by keen collectors and are proving incredibly tricky to find now.

Luckily exclusively for Westminster Collectors, we have a small reserve of historic coin covers, available in sets of five as a ‘lucky dip’ for collectors.

One-Day Only Postmark

Each of your coin covers includes a collection of commemorative stamps, paired with a special commemorative coin to celebrate an important historic moment. These include moments such as the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns or Sir Winston Churchill and his great achievements.

What’s more, each cover has a special one-day only postmark. That means that only a limited number were ever issued, and the edition limit of each cover is guaranteed.

These historic coin covers are now notoriously hard to source on the secondary markets, but with our lucky dip selection you can experience the thrill of discovering these historic commemoratives to add to your collection.

Secure with a deposit of JUST £19.80 (+p&p)

You can secure your mystery collection with a deposit of JUST £19.80 (+p&p) today, followed by four further interest-free instalments of the same amount.

Remember as well, you’ll be fully covered by your Westminster 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you’re unhappy you can return your collection.

Don’t delay – take this unique opportunity to secure five mystery historic coin covers and have a go at our Lucky Dip today!

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